A visit to Fort Kochi in Kerala is incomplete without clicking a picture of the sunset behind the Chinese fishing nets. For us visitors, it is a photo opportunity but for the fishermen of Kerala, it is a lot of ...Read More


The issue with the casting of Sanjay Leela Bhasali's grand production Mary Kom is that it does not reflect what Mary Kom stands for. Does Priyanka look like Mary Kom? No, she looks like Priyanka Chopra with an accentuated pout ...Read More

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    BANGALORE: Is Hamlet you and me and everyone in between? Is he, denuded of his geography and history,  just someone torn between his possibilities and his realities? Aren't we all? Is he a man of suppressed humour, someone craving to ...Read More

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  Sometime around 1973, author Shashi Deshpande lived in the campus of the KEM Hospital in Mumbai and would often see a young, sprightly nurse pass by. Sometime later, she learnt that this young woman was Aruna Shanbaug. And that all ...Read More


There was a time when young children in small Northern towns, regardless of their religious denominations, learnt Urdu. And when they grew up, many young men like my father could recite the Gita and write and read Urdu as if ...Read More

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1980  was the year when Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri, a Parsi couple living in Mumbai lost their two young sons Vispi and Ratoo in a freak, automobile accident. In the absolute heart of darkness, they stumbled upon, what to them ...Read More

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My emotions surrounding our move to the Pacific North West were not entirely pleasant. It seemed like I had just about perfected my rhythm in life when this blaring move came along and threw me out of balance. My blog ...Read More

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  It all started with the outlet tube of the washing machine snapping open at the joint, a couple of weeks back.  The existing tape had to be removed, the outlet pipes fitted together again properly and taped up securely with ...Read More


In the midst of ramshackle buildings in Detroit, a vibrant marketplace mushrooms every Saturday like a bold stroke of happiness and hope against the dreary canvas of poverty and neglect. Here, under a spotlessly blue sky, with the sun shining merrily upon ...Read More


Recently a young colleague wrote a Facebook post about being stared at for the way she dresses or even otherwise. The point of the post was that a woman's body is her business. It is not an offering or a ...Read More

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Emptiness no matter how crowded life is with things and people... and what do I do  with this silence that I hear even when so many voices are ringing? so many stand by my side  ...yet why do I feel I’ll fall ...Read More

Purab Kohli by photographer Abheet Gidwani

  Actor and former VJ Purab Kohli is enraged by the recent rape of a child in Bangalore and the crimes against women in the rest of the country. “I thought, after the December 12 case in New Delhi, these incidents ...Read More