Telephonic interviews take away the visual texture from a story but you don’t miss it when you talk to theatre, TV and film actor Heeba Shah. She speaks with immense clarity and leaves no awkward pauses for you to fill. ...Read More


  "Javed bhai, hum Dilli haar gaye hain!" (We have lost Delhi), yells Naseeruddin Shah as a violently bitter sepoy in Shyam Benegal's Junoon (1978).  That scene is hard to forget. As is the fact that it was on the sets ...Read More

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Having made the heartbreaking choice of studying journalism for my Master's degree instead of my first love English literature, I marched off to the University to master the art of reporting and editing. All was well, till I learnt that ...Read More


It’s funny how before I even start running, I feel this insane urge to write about running. Okay, not about running really (no scientific approach is to be found in the ensuing paragraphs) but what it means to me. I want ...Read More


"Sirf ehsas hai rooh se mehsoos karo...pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do koi naam na do." (It is just a feeling..let the soul revel in it..let love be.. just love..try not to name it) So that in a nutshell is Gulzar for you. A ...Read More


  Shama Zaidi does not want to talk about her mother Qudsia Zaidi nee Umt-ul-qudoos Abdullah because you do not talk about a lifetime of love and loss over a telephone wire. 2014 is the centenary year of Begum Zaidi, writer, ...Read More


Do writers need social media?Chetan Bhagat apparently does but not JK Rowling or Salman Rushdie. However, Rushdie enjoys his Twitter feuds with critics and rivals, affording us enjoyable glimpses into his wit and  his unvarnished human need to answer a ...Read More

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"It’s an awful thing to do to a woman my age, leave her alone with her thoughts.” With rain streaming across the kitchen window, Lauren Bacall is presiding over a breakfast table conversation in A Mirror Has Two Faces (1996). She ...Read More


There is a reason why superheroes click. It is because they promise you absolute assurance in a rather unpredictable and occasionally dangerous world.  That no matter how many explosions rip the world apart, you will be safe...if only in the ...Read More

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"You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome. Our job is improving the quality of life, not just delaying death,”  so said Robin Williams in Patch ...Read More

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In Bangalore to address the students of Indian Institute of Management, legendary Architect B V Doshi strolls around the campus. As he pauses to make a point, he is framed by a flowering creeper, crests and hollows of green grass ...Read More

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“Murda Paraston ki Duniya” , is perhaps my father’s favourite line. Loosely translated it would mean, “this is a world where the dead are greatly appreciated.”  Over the years, I have come to believe that this is in fact true. ...Read More