While watching Imtiaz Ali's latest film Tamasha, Eckhart Tolle's bestseller, A New Earth came back to me. He writes how accumulated memories of angst, humiliation, denial, emotional suppression and anger form an invisible pain body within our body. In most ...Read More


Of course, I have a favourite spot, In that little bistro It's right by the window, In a corner, Precisely one ray of sunshine, And if I sit With my back to the crowd, I can pretend I am Alone. One cup of coffee, Filtered, Two sugars, demerara, Milk, a touch of cream. Hot. Very ...Read More


A minute before I was about to write this blog, I wrestled with an array of thoughts. Should I write about this? Should the world know? Is it necessary? Then I gave room to this thought: It might help somebody. ...Read More


Times were dark. As I swallowed the last set of my antidepressants one night, I texted my friend, “I don’t think I can refill my meds for the next two days. I am going to be super anxious.” She worked out all ...Read More


I caught myself the other day counting the number of likes on my Facebook page and it looked like I just needed five more likes to hit 100. It was a big thing and I wanted to make a big ...Read More

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This is not my regular Thanksgiving post where I give thanks for all my blessings. The brainwave for this post came about when I was washing dishes – anyone who knows me knows how much I hate doing dishes. As ...Read More


This time, last year, I had a routine. A routine that I loathed. Wake up. Be grumpy. Drink coffee. Be grumpy. Shower. Be grumpy. Get ready for work. Be grumpy. Work. Be grumpy. Come back home. Be grumpy. Work from home. Be ...Read More


In Pyaasa, Guru Dutt's 1957 classic, the protagonist Vijay (He too is an anti-hero who takes on the establishment but his weapons unlike the edgy Vijay we saw in the 70s are poems, not punches) goes wandering in the lanes ...Read More


Just heard that a young woman who had been raped and set on fire was left to die by the roadside just around the corner from where I live a few days back. She was found by a neighbour's dog ...Read More


  The irony hits you only in retrospect. When you remember that Saeed Jaffrey played Mr. D'Silva, a jolly and down-on-luck owner of a shabby chic bar in Ramesh Sippy's wannabe romantic opus Saagar, while his former wife Madhur played an imperious matriarch overseeing ...Read More


I’ve been suffering from serious case of writer’s block for the last few weeks- every time I sat down to write a new post I’d give up after a few minutes because I didn’t feel like I had anything specific ...Read More


I have a about 150 Facebook friends. Sad? No, not really. Even 150 is excessive, given that in real life, if I had to really count my friends, I would not need more than a few  fingers of one hand. ** And so, spring has come ...Read More