There was a girl looking straight at me, slightly confused, mildly annoyed, her kohl smeared face, her frizzy and unkempt hair  reminded of the person I was scared of becoming. She didn’t look familiar. She looked distraught and unhappy but as ...Read More

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Success is so overrated in a world where mere survival is a great gift. Robin Williams' recent suicide proves once again that just success is not enough to keep us all afloat and yet we celebrate success more than the ...Read More


The play Taoos Chaman Ki Myna, was recently staged at AD Rangamandira in Bangalore and it was the culmination of an  alchemy between  Naiyer Masud, Gillo,Theatre Repertory and Atul Tiwari.  The genesis of the play is interesting. For starters, Masud, a Persian and Urdu scholar is along ...Read More


I pride myself in being an extrovert. But the last two years in Kuwait, have made me recoil a little bit. I keep to myself, I have really started enjoying hanging out by myself. I accord myself the joy of ...Read More

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What we learn from Naseeruddin Shah's autobiography And Then One Day..A Memoir (Penguin Books India/Hamish Hamilton), is what we need to learn. No more, no less. Nothing extravagant about milestones reached, rewards gathered, boxes ticked. Like  tempered chocolate or like a quintessential Naseer performance, ...Read More

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  I am guilty of living in the past. I can’t really explain why. It’s like an aching. A longing. A strong conviction that the past held magic amidst the mundane. The glittering golden glory days of yore – far superior ...Read More

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The Man Booker hype surrounding this book almost overwhelms it. Almost but not quite. Because in The Lives of Others (Vintage/Random House India, distributed by Rupa Publications), Neel Mukherjee has taken an old canvas and painted atop it; the story ...Read More


Ever since the Famous Author promoted the half- idea, I have been wondering who originally developed this earth-shattering concept. Was it Aryabhata, who after inventing the zero decided he might as well throw in another idea, two for the price ...Read More


Wo aa rahen hai jo biimaar kii dawaa ke liye Khamosh baithe hain sab chaaraagar duaa ke liye  (he is expected to arrive with a cure for my pain..and the healers quietly wait too, with their hands raised in prayer) These lines ...Read More


When I was a kid I had a favorite TV show, called Jungle Book. It was a time when India and Doordarshan had good shows, even animations or adaptations. Jungle Book was an animation of the celebrated book ( directed ...Read More


In parts, Vishal Bhardwaj's Haider replays keynotes from a classic Shakespearean dirge with a sly wink. So we are offered the jovial grave diggers. The skull gnashing in glee. The sinner in a moment of redeeming prayer. The ghost who is not ...Read More


Watching Eega reinstated in me the faith that films can still conjure up ‘wonderment’ from ‘seemingly’ the silliest of ideas provided the filmmaker decides to complement his technical skills with certain audaciousness. A bitter-sweet experience which left me exhilarating and exasperating at the ...Read More