I write this today with a deep sense of sadness, anger and helplessness. Animals in India have lost a warrior.  In 2011. I was living in Delhi, training to be fund raiser for an animal shelter. Part of my job ...Read More


I've always been interested in stories. I guess it began with the bedtime stories crafted by Papa when we were kids. Carefully personalized for children. So there was He-Man, running alongside the warrior goddess, Teela Radhika . Stories of Himalayan heroics by grandfathers. ...Read More


Some cities are motels. Others are luxury suites in a fancy five star hotel. Then there are those that are just waiting rooms, a place where you can sit down for a while but you know inside that you are ...Read More


Saying Goodbye is a daunting task. I remember the day my grandmother was buried, me and my grandfather stood by the door and wept in each other’s arms. We cried till we couldn’t cry anymore, because this Goodbye was our ...Read More

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  The winds of change blow hard Rattling my windows Shaking every tree in my yard I flinch under the covers Frightened and sick. ** I try to shut out the howling storm But it will not be ignored One by one the windows shatter And my blanket of safety ...Read More


  *** I don’t want the fleeting happiness that comes from acquiring beautiful things. Nor the shallow mirth that comes from people who please you, praise you and bring you gifts. But I crave the satisfaction of one who need not try ...Read More


These past few months have been full of introspection and questioning. There has been too much loss in the lives of people I love. My oldest friend from school and her sister lost their mother this year, an uncle is ...Read More


I wish the world would understand what we look like when the stars see us. A blimp in the blackness of the universe. A sole blazing sun supporting this delicately balanced eco-system. Perhaps we would then stop rampaging through this ...Read More


  Intense emotion for someone/thing. I guess. I'm not sure how to exactly describe love - I guess you know love when you see starry skies or monsoon nights. As you sink your teeth into that oh-so-perfect blueberry muffin. or your ...Read More


Housing is one of the key issues facing our overstretched planet today. According to UN reports, over 30 per cent of the planet’s urban population lives in slums, in great deprivation without fundamental amenities like water, sanitation, adequate space. 35 per cent of ...Read More

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Dear God, how time flies. Kumar Gaurav, of melting , caramel eyes and bee-stung lips and the signature blue jeans and red jacket that he wore along with the coolest vibe we had seen a young hero sport in the ...Read More


The long weekend had just begun and Cape Town was abuzz with skateboarding kids and families picnicking on the beach. Those with fancy convertibles were out enjoying a drive while others flaunted their seriously fit bodies while playing beach volleyball. The sky was ...Read More