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Finding My Running Mojo


It’s funny how before I even start running, I feel this insane urge to write about running. Okay, not about running really (no scientific approach is to be found in the ensuing paragraphs) but what it means to me.

I want one those fancy running shoes, you know the ones that make your feet bounce in the air, and man, they look good.

Also can I get that tiny sling bag, which can hold my phone, my bank card, civil ID, a bottle of water maybe, Facebook, Twitter, Instgram… because come on, if I am running in real time then I need to be talking about it in real time as well.

Nothing is more annoying than your head phones popping out of your tiny ears over and over again. I need to get those wireless ones, the ones you can wear around your ears. Because tiny ears is a real first world problem my friend.

While we are at it, I must go and get those fancy running clothes as well. Those fitting pants and tank top (a Catwoman look). I hear those pants help you cut through air better because they have less fabric which means less resistance (it’s a lot of science, you might not get it, but don’t worry about that. Just agree with the experts in the fashion industry, at least, that’s what I do).

I just downloaded this app on my phone, it helps me track the pace at which I am running, the duration of my run, for how many kilometers and how much training I need in order to run that 10K. It’s quite awesome you know. Only I tried to upload the fact that I ran 3.5 km twice and now the app thinks I ran 7 km (we are having some technical difficulties, the app and I).

I am waiting for the right climate now. It was too hot yesterday and it’s super humid today. Optimum temperature is very important for a good run. No..no… I don’t go to the gym, I believe in being one with nature, albeit at optimum temperature.

I tried to wake up early in the morning and go for a jog, but then I need to eat energy boosters before and after (you know … for energy!). And my friend who works out a lot says it drains you, this working out in the morning, and then performance at work suffers, and I can’t let that happen either (professionalism and all that).

It’s been three weeks since all this debating on apps, shoes, running gear etc. has been causing some rather unsettling emotions in my heart and a lot of confusion in my head. Needless to say I have gone running once… I lasted 1.5 km on a slow conversational jog after which I looked I had been running from zombies for four days (plus point though, cute guy stopped to ask me if he should get me a bottle of water, because I looked like I was going to die ).

After all this nonsense the memory of my boarding school running days plays back in my head, where we went running every morning, without music and an app for the road map and distance, and I ran a 3.5 km in about 20 minutes without any major life threatening hiccups (like the cute guy could be a serial killer for all we know). And I realized that we really need to cut away from all this fancy nonsense of tracking progress and just get down to putting one foot in front of the other at a respectable pace.

Running is or at least was, all about that exhilarating feeling of reaching the finishing line. Also gawking at cute boys along the way, but never stopping. Because one must keep runnin’, keep on runnin’…

Zahra Husain likes to live and think in ways she  is not supposed to and she blogs at http://www.zahrasays.com


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