There is something quite charming about the Indian use of English, something quite contagious about the wonderful Hinglish used in India that is something between Hindi and English. Before I entered into the Office English of India, I was content ...Read More


Take a small detour from the famous Spice Route of old into a relatively undiscovered part of rural Rajasthan and one of the world’s only open-air art galleries. Painted houses fade like painted ladies of old. Their stately presence, battered ...Read More


Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. Norman Maclean A friend said to me on my return from Assam in India's North East, “There is a saying up there that goes 'If you cross the Brahmaputra one ...Read More

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This week in Facebook land, 5,700 people were unfriended, another 409,000 got hacked when they clicked on something that promised to tell them who was stalking them. A Facebook Land spokesperson reiterated that the Curious Stalker Infection had gone viral ...Read More


The setting sun cloaked the evening sky in shades of pinky pastel, and lit up the island that dominates the coastline around here. A woman wandering by grabs a knife and in swift strokes, beheads for us the three struggling ...Read More


I caught a whiff of poetry whilst scanning the news of the world this week. There amongst the reports of dissent and disappearing dissenters, or crime and punishment and keeping up with the Kardashians, I glimpsed some words of beauty. ...Read More


XXV What do you know? Now you are inside the mystery looking out, and I am on the outside? Alice stepped through the looking glass through to the other side. It was inside her own house. I look at the mirror on the wall I see only my ...Read More

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I was talking to my grandson the other night; we were working together on a project. He was 100 kilometers away in another town and so we weren't actually talking, we were facebooking. Facebooking is what people do these days ...Read More


We all know by now the devastation that an Earth Event brings to the communities it visits. As the city of Christchurch struggles gamely to her feet, tourists are left wondering just how safe it is to visit New Zealand. ...Read More


First there was the shake that shook the New Zealand town of Christchurch to the ground. Sharp and shocking and timed with deadly accuracy, the shake hit at lunchtime in a city whose face has graced 1000 Bollywood backgrounds. People ...Read More


Forty years ago  a bomb dropped on Laos every nine minutes. This continued for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week  for nine years and became one of the worst kept secrets of the US war on Vietnam. In ...Read More

Last Red Light

"The first time I came here, a black man leapt out of the shadows and screamed at me -'What to you want? Boy? Girl? Heroin?' " Gunnar nods towards the corner of memory as if his arrival were yesterday. "I was absolutely ...Read More