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The Play Of Light: A Tribute to Corbusier 


On  Le Corbusier’s  50th death  anniversary, a photography exhibition has been organised by Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.

The backdrop: Chandigarh  has  the  unique  attribute  of  being  the  only completely inhabited  city  designed  by  Le  Corbusier.  The photographer Ajay Bhatia   considers himself fortunate  that the city  has  been  his home for  more  than  three  decades  now. He says, ” During these  years,  I  have  travelled  to  various  parts  of  the  world  but  when  I  return,  there  is  always  a  sense  of  homecoming.  I  feel  that  I  am  returning to  a  city,  which  is  tranquil,  beautiful  and  well  ordered,  where  humanity,  architecture  and  nature  exist  in  close  harmony.”

His reading  of  Le  Corbusier’s  book  “Towards  A  New  Architecture”  has also inspired the  present  photography  exhibition. In  this  book,  Corbusier speaks about  the  great  primary  forms  of  geometry:  cubes,  cones,  spheres,  cylinders  and  pyramids.  Says Ajay, ” I  would  like  to  quote  Le  Corbusier  in  this  regard:  “Architecture  is  the  masterly,  correct  and  magnificent  play  of  masses  brought  together  in  light.  Our  eyes  are  made  to  see  forms  in  light.  Light  and  shade  reveal  them. The  image  of  these  forms  is  distinct  and  tangible  within  us,  without  ambiguity.  It  is  for  this  reason  that  they  are  the  most  beautiful  forms.”

The photographer views his  camera  as  a  receptacle  for  light.  The  lens  is  an  eye  and  the  sensor  is  the  soul  of  the  camera.  The  complex  interplay  of  shadows  and  highlights  in  the  architecture  of  Chandigarh  is  particularly  enthralling  to a  photographer.  The  present  exhibition  differs  from  his  earlier  work  in  the  sense  that  it  has  been  captured  from  a  different  perspective  and  field  of  view.  Ajay explains, “earlier  I  was  working  with  ultra  wide angle  zoom  lenses  but  presently  I  prefer  using  only  a 50mm lens.  The  50mm  focal  range  offers  almost  the  same  field  of  view  as  the human  eye  and  is  therefore intriguing  and  challenging. The  work  I  have  been  doing  of  creating  a  photographic  memory  of  my hometown  is  being  exhibited  for  the  third  time  in  as  many  years.”


12th – 29th of May

Alliance Française Atrium

About the artist: Ajay  Bhatia  is  a  documentary  photographer  from  Chandigarh engaged  in travel,  event  and architectural  photography.  His  work  explores  the  contemporary  spirit  and  lifestyle  of  modern  cities  and  the  traditional  essence,  heritage  and  culture  of  historical  cities,  towns  and  villages  of  India.  He  is  also  interested  in  documenting  the  rhythms,  colors  and  energy  of  the  traditional  dance,  music  and  folk  art  of  India. The  present  exhibition  is  his  third  exhibition  in  as  many  years.

Ajay  Bhatia  can  be  personally  contacted  for  buying  limited  edition,  high resolution  prints.

Contact details: 91­‐9815577124

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