''There was never anything wrong with keeping up a little optimism over the flood.'' That line from Eudora Welty’s The Optimist’s Daughter arrested my attention when I was reading the book by candlelight a week ago. It was a dark week ...Read More


Sometimes those who watch you go by.. have no idea about your journey the roads you have taken to get here they only see who you are now or think they do and measure your human weight your life your work in the palm of their hand they know nothing because beneath the obvious surface of who ...Read More


It was my destiny, fate, luck or karma; call it whatever you like that brought me to Mumbai - a city which horrified me from the very beginning. A city known for almost all the wrong reasons- riots, floods, crime ...Read More


How does one write about... Beauty and its many lovers, like an infatuation. Like a shrine, its devotees. Like an ancestral home that belongs to many, yet none. How does one write about... Snow, melting our senses as we gaze at her humility, her presence as ephemeral as laughter. Her impeccably ...Read More