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If adversity challenges us to be stronger than our pain, Eby N Joseph has been there and done that. Many times over. The Kerala based artist was diagnosed with cancer and has not just survived the disease but is now ...Read More


Sheila craned her neck through the bars of the window. She first looked to her left until she could see the engine 12 wagons away as the train snaked a corner. Then she turned right quickly to catch the guard’s room at ...Read More


Zipping past me on my right were lush green fields, sleepy hamlets, rain washed forests with abundant open spaces while on my left, in contrast, was cramped nothingness with frozen unknown faces- each looking lost in their own reverie. Soon ...Read More


A visit to Fort Kochi in Kerala is incomplete without clicking a picture of the sunset behind the Chinese fishing nets. For us visitors, it is a photo opportunity but for the fishermen of Kerala, it is a lot of ...Read More


 The azure sky above and the colorful attire of  a bunch of bloggers challenge the monopoly of green during our plantation visit in Wayanad. We are  touring  a plantation that grows spices like pepper, areca nut, coffee, and fruits like coconut, banana and ...Read More


I had heard so much about Munnar that I was afraid it might not live up to the expectations. But when people say Munnar is gorgeous, it’s nothing short of being out-of-this-world picturesque. Words can’t do much justice so I will let the ...Read More


Last Sunday, along with family, I finally took that "stroll down memory lane," or should I say,  a drive down to Ottapalam, my ancestral home after 10 long years.  As we neared home, we saw a family of peacocks returning from ...Read More


Like most people, I love watching the rains.  A nice downpour is the time to sit with a hot cup of chai , listen to some lovely music and unwind.  Who hasn’t gladly put off chores just because it was ...Read More