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Story Wallahs

Some of the Unboxed Writers (regardless of whether they have written frequently or occasionally) who have invested their time, attention, best wishes and goodwill into the site and helped it to grow, one generous story at a time.

Amisha Shah
Amisha Shah is an architect currently based in California, USA. Analytical case studies and writing about architectural design and contemporary projects has always attracted her a great deal resulting in her working as principal correspondent for an architectural magazine “BuildoTech” for a year and a half, before moving to California. Her interest in interaction with professionals and writing about architecture prompted her to start her blog “Dzine-X.”She is currently working as an in-house designer for a kitchen and bath remodeling company. Her other interests and passions include dancing (Bharatanatyam) and playing the violin.

Anjali Agarwalla
Anjali Agarwalla  is a student in New York. Growing up in one of the cultural hubs of America has made her enjoy not only writing and reading, but also art, dancing and music. She is a trained Kathak dancer.

Anu Kumar
Anu Kumar has written for adults and younger readers alike.  She has twice been awarded for her stories by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA):  highly commended for ‘The Kitemaker’ (2004), and won a special prize for ‘The First Hello’ (2010).  She was also shortlisted for The Little Magazine New Writing Award in 2006 for ‘The Tale of Roop Rani’ and ‘The Massato Mystery’. Her fiction for young adults has been published by Penguin Books and Hachette India.  She has also written fiction for an older readership: Letters for Paul, MapinLit and more recently, The Dollmakers’ Island, Gyaana Books.  Her new novel for older readers will be published next year by Hachette India.

Asma has done her Masters in Journalism and worked with several newspapers in Bangalore and Chennai. She is at present, a full-time mother, a part-time editor of her own newspaper –Positiv+ and a sometime media consultant with several organizations.

Averil Nunes
Averil Nunes is a student who is currently researching truth, meaning, love, faith and beauty in the laboratory of life. Maybe one day she’ll figure it all out and write and illustrate a book about her experiments. She is also a writer, journalist, editor and passionate cake decorator.

Dianne Sharma-Winter
Dianne Sharma-Winter is a freelance writer. India is her muse and she has spent almost 20 years chasing stories and Shiva all around the sub continent. Dianne is a native of New Zealand and writes for various publications there as well. She also enjoys story telling and blogging.

Daniel Taghioff
Daniel Taghioff writes on things like climate change, food supply and peak oil for  online publications.He has lived in the UK, as a  student and market researcher, in Sweden, as a Business English Consultant and all round suburban warrior, and is now in India as a wandering web-designer. He also, randomly, helped to found the EASA Media Anthropology online discussion network.  When he is not pursuing these various obsessions, he also likes to write poetry in his spare time.

Insia Dariwala
Insia Dariwala is a graduate from F.I.T New York (Advertising and Mass communications), loves to tell stories and is a filmmaker. ‘The Candy Man’, her hard hitting debut film on child abuse won her two ‘Best Director’ awards in India (2009, 2010) and also got nominated at Barcelona International Film Festival and the New York Short film Festival in 2010.

Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy lives in Bangalore. He writes various kinds of corporate content for a living. He also writes weird fiction, because he has to. He plays the bass guitar for Bevar Sea, a stoner/doom band and for Djinn & Miskatonic, his own doom/psychedelia project. He and his wife Yasmine support a horde of cats and dogs and each other’s many dreams, Jayaprakash also maintains a sporadic blog at http://aaahfooey.blogspot.com.

Kavya Thimmaiah-Prasanna
Kavya Thimmaiah-Prasanna is an Associate Architect with  Thimmaiah & Prabhakar and a mom. And when she is not building residential, commercial and recreational projects or doing up the  interiors of residences, she is busy travelling to exotic places, reading, sampling food and life and enjoying it all in equal measure.

Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar is a freelance journalist/writer. He lives near London, has a son and four half-drafted screenplays. Earlier, he was with The New Indian Express, Deccan Herald and The Times of India covering hockey leagues and civil aviation plus some stuff that falls in between.

Mona Ambegaonkar
Mona Ambegaonkar accidentally strayed into the entertainment industry and has been a model, editor, documentary producer and director, writer and award winning actor in theatre, TV and films. She is now working towards writing and directing her own films and is acting in TV soaps and films as well. She has devoted her time in watching life, hers and other people’s, has always taken at face value whatever she is told and has always asked and answered direct questions. From this springs the fodder that enriches all her work both on and off the screen.

Nadi (Dr. Manasee Palshikar)
Nadi was an MBBS doctor for 10 years when she went back to studying. A course in Women’s Studies at Pune University was followed by learning the art of Screenplay at FTII. Nadi lives in Pune with her husband and daughter.

Natascha Shah
Natascha Shah is the Editor of http://tlfmagazine.com/ . Having graduated from the University of New South Wales, Sydney with a degree in Literature and Journalism, she worked as a journalist for four years and then felt the need for unrestricted creativity beyond formulaic writing. Thus TLF was conceived. And yes, she believes, every moment in life is worth tripping on.

Nilesh P Megnani
Nilesh P Megnani is a professor of philosophy who teaches not just the academics of his subject but the purpose of it to his students. He writes whenever he feel inspired and believes life  is workable hypothesis and love, the elusive potion that might transform humanity.

Priya Ganapathy
Priya Ganapathy is a media/entertainment personality with a career spanning print, radio, TV, film, internet and theatre. A widely published writer, she has contributed to books, articles and columns in leading newspapers and magazines. Popular as the RJ who created the iconic radio characters, Lingo Leela and Sister Stella, Priya now works as an independent writer, anchor and voice-artiste.

Poonam Goel
Poonam Goel is a freelance journalist and has covered the arts beat for over 15 years. She contributes on visual arts for various newspapers, magazines and online media. An alumnus of Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University, she worked with The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, for eight years before deciding to venture into independent art consultancy, exhibition design and catalog writing. Apart from writing, she enjoys interacting with students of various schools and private universities in her capacity as a guest lecturer on media and corporate communications. She is also an impulsive traveler but her ambition to visit all the museums in the world is yet unfulfilled. She lives and works in New Delhi.

Preeti Sharma
Preeti Sharma is an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and dabbles with creative writing. As she stepped into the hectic and mundane routine of corporate life, her writing became her  stress buster. Her insatiable wanderlust and need for change prompt her to travel as much as possible and she is at present, travelling across Europe and trying to pen down as many memories as possible.

Reema Moudgil: Executive Editor & Founder
Reema Moudgil has been a journalist since 1994 and has written for a host of magazines and newspapers on art, cinema, architecture, theatre and more. She was also a WorldSpace RJ and is an artist too. She was represented by three of her paintings at a multimedia show in New York. She edited Chicken Soup  for the Indian Woman’s Soul. She was given an award by the Public Relations Council Of India in association with the Bangalore University for Perfect Eight, her first book . She blogs here and Perfect Eight has a Facebook page of its own.

Rani Rao Innes
Rani Rao Innes is the senior partner and lead trainer of Link Communications, a specialized communications skills company based in the UK. She has regularly presented courses and training workshops for private and public business sectors as well as students and teachers in the UK, Belgium, Malaysia, Japan and India. She has also been active in theatre for 30 years and was the director of Canterbury Players in Kent for eight years.

Rachna Bisht
Rachna Bisht is a freelance writer with a career spanning 18 years with The Statesman,  The Financial Express, The Indian Express and Deccan Herald. Her other passions include travelling, reading and listening to Indian classical music when not cocktailing memories with imagination to weave a debut novel. She is also a full- time mom and a gypsy Army wife. More about her on http://www.rachnabisht.com/

Roopal Kewalya
Roopal Kewalya  is a film graduate from NID, Ahmedabad and   has been an active independent writer for television, short films and even song lyrics for various organizations. She has also had short stints as a stage actor, a radio jockey for FMII and loves to dabble in all things creative.

Savita Hiremath
Savita Hiremath is a Bangalore-based journalist for nearly 15 years. She has earlier worked with The Times of India, Deccan Herald, and The New Indian Express, and also taught PG journalism students for a year. She loves writing on women’s issues, HIV/AIDS, caste and religion, environment, and rural poverty. She has been consulting various NGOs and human rights groups to research and document socio-political issues.

Shalini Sehgal
Shalini Sehgal is an architectural photographer. Apart from documenting design and architecture for various architects, she has some of her photographs published by the Council of Architecture journal ‘Architecture: time, space & people’, Better Interiors, Inside Outside and Architecture Plus, a publication covering middle-east and Asia.Now living and working in Bombay, she tries to explore architecture, from behind the lens:  the old as received in the contemporary urban context, the ancient as perceived or preserved in the present and the shifting role of the built environment as it influences our lives today, with keen interest in Heritage and Industrial Architecture.

Shabia Ravi Walia
Shabia Ravi Walia has been a media professional for the past 15 years, dabbling in production, creative direction and writing. However her biggest achievement, she says is the birth of her baby Sia and penning down the experiences associated with it in her book  ‘Mamma Mania’

Sheba Thayil
Sheba Thayil is a journalist and writer. She was born in Bombay, brought up in Hong Kong, and exiled to Bangalore. While editing, writing and working in varied places like The Economic Times, Gulf Daily News, New Indian Express and Cosmopolitan, it is the movies and books, she says, that have always sustained her.

Subir Ghosh
Subir Ghosh is a journalist and writer. He has worked with the Press Trust of India (PTI) and The Telegraph, and handled publications/communications for the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the Federation of Hotels and Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), and the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). He specialises in Northeast affairs and is an advisory council member with the Centre for Northeast Studies (C-NES). He is the author of ‘Frontier Travails: Northeast – The Politics of a Mess’ published by Macmillan India, and has won two national awards in children’s fiction. His subjects of interest include conflict, ethnicities, wildlife, human rights, poverty, media, and cinema. He blogs at www.write2kill.in

Uma Iyer
Uma Iyer is a writer, a mother and a freelance consultant for marketing communication to several organisations. She was raised in Mumbai and currently lives in Delhi. Her retirement plan includes two dogs, many books and a shack by the sea.

Vaishali Shroff
Vaishali is a part time Business Development consultant, full time writer and mother. She has contributed extensively to the Chicken Soup, India series. She has also worked with an Animation Company as a movie script writer towards children’s edutainment. Currently running her own home reading club Ek Thi Rani for children from ages 1 through 11 years, she is working towards spreading the joy of reading and the significance of books in young lives.Her children’s stories have been filmed for online viewing and she is awaiting the publication of her first book.

Vani Bahl: Design Director & Founder
Vani Bahl is a building designer (USA), and a licensed architect (India). She has keen interest and expertise in two fields- green building, and restoration of buildings for adaptive reuse, which she feels are not mutually exclusive. Nature of her works includes residential, light commercial interiors, hotel design and planning, and campus planning. Her projects are in USA, and her native India.

Vani has contributed as researcher towards two books- Dome Over India by Aman Nath; and Documenting Chandigarh: The Indian Architecture of Pierre Jeanneret, Edwin Maxwell Fry, and Jane Beverly Drew by  Kiran Joshi. She has also written for several architectural journals including The Indian Express, Architecture + Design, Indian Architect and Builder, and Architecture Week.

Vijay Nair
Vijay Nair is the author of the recently released Management/Humour book ‘The Boss is Not Your Friend.’ His second novel ‘The Colour of Kurinji’ is being launched by Hachette India in December 2011. Recently, he has also got into the habit of blogging relentlessly @ http://vijayknair.blogspot.com/thedanglingconversation

Vidhi Salla
Vidhi Salla is writer, blogger, movie buff and traveller. She  writes movie reviews and also contributes informative travel articles to websites. She gave up a lucrative corporate career to pursue creative writing, that she strongly believes is her calling.

Vinta Nanda
Vinta Nanda is a film maker, writer and social activist.  She has   written, directed and/or produced trail blazing TV shows like Tara, Raahat, Kabhie Kabhie, Aur Phir Ek Din and Miilee and also   made several documentary films on women’s issues. Her first feature film, White Noise won acclaim at the Kara Film Festival, Pune International Film Festival, Florence and Seattle Indian Film Festivals. Vinta blogs on www.vinatananda.blogspot.com and has written for The Times of India, Tehelka, Indian Express, Mumbai Mirror, Sahara Times and Mid Day. Vinta is also the President of the NGO ‘The Village Project India,’ is producing two TV shows and will be producing and directing her next feature Zindagi Paradiso shortly.

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