The irony hits you only in retrospect. When you remember that Saeed Jaffrey played Mr. D'Silva, a jolly and down-on-luck owner of a shabby chic bar in Ramesh Sippy's wannabe romantic opus Saagar, while his former wife Madhur played an imperious matriarch overseeing ...Read More


I’ve been suffering from serious case of writer’s block for the last few weeks- every time I sat down to write a new post I’d give up after a few minutes because I didn’t feel like I had anything specific ...Read More


I have a about 150 Facebook friends. Sad? No, not really. Even 150 is excessive, given that in real life, if I had to really count my friends, I would not need more than a few  fingers of one hand. ** And so, spring has come ...Read More


  A recent article by The Economic Times’ resident editor, Mr Sriram Ramakrishnan, titled “Left-liberals in India completely unaware of despotic regimes“, came across as one of the most blatantly biased and factually incorrect opinion pieces from an editor in recent ...Read More


  So I naturally gravitated towards Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-eight Nights by Salman Rushdie. (Hamish Hamilton), the latest book by the Master, as befits a diehard fan and one who has avidly read all the pre-release breathless prose about how ...Read More


  “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. ...Read More


A couple of months ago, on a stormy night, I packed my bags, held Boo’s leash, and boarded an auto, after walking out of a life which I thought would get better. To my dismay, the life that I had lived for ...Read More


I'm back after a long break! It feels great to be blogging again but I am happy that I decided to take a break from all kinds of social networking media. It has been a refreshing two-month break from Facebook ...Read More

Power of Words

  I write because of an innate need to connect. I love it when someone relates to what I have written and they go, "That's exactly how I feel!" Or shake their head and think, "Oh dear! That's so true." I love this ...Read More

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My recent posts after I moved to Chennai from America had one thing in common. Misery.  Where was the hope? Where was the inspiration? It was there buried somewhere but you really had to look for it. So much for being the “enlightened” ...Read More


'I always think I should have a good discussion with you but can't figure out..about what.' Radhika looked up to see the man who spoke. He must have been close to 27, medium height, decent looking. She noticed his discomfort after having said ...Read More


For the umpteenth time, it is not easy being Aishwarya Rai. While, male actors, older than her continue to walk in slow motion towards box-office success, watch with what disdain Rai’s ‘come-back’ has been treated by erudite critics who have ...Read More