I am taking up yet another commercial rife with regressive clichés about Indian women and their “place”. This one, a part of Mother Dairy’s “Ma Jaisi Koi Nahin” campaign almost made me barf harder than a glass of sour milk. Watch ...Read More


“Katrina and her cousin went on a short trek nearby, and by the end there were 60 or 70 leeches on her. Poor thing, she is a city girl, didn’t know what to do! When she came back we removed ...Read More


2015 was the year of letting go; it was the year of saying no. What I reckoned as my dream job began crushing my soul. I said no to it, and went back to my desk job. When I was stuck in a ...Read More


I was eight, when I participated in my first painting competition. It was conducted in a park on a sultry, summer evening. I wore one of my favourite cotton dresses, carried my water-colours, fancy brushes in a rucksack, and held my ...Read More


  Let me begin the review of Friends in Wild Places by Ruskin Bond (Speaking Tiger Books) by quoting a passage near the end. Below my cottage was a forest of oak and maple and Himalayan rhododendron. A narrow path twisted its way ...Read More


Watching Bhupendra Chaubey's contempt for Sunny Leone (He did not even care to pronounce her name correctly) in a brutal interview on CNN IBN reminded me of an episode many years ago when my son was about six or seven ...Read More


I am a tad upset. I have just read about a hotel chain which is soon launching women-only hotels. I know I should be kicked about it, as I often travel solo, but I am not. Traditionally, our streets, roadside restaurants, public ...Read More


I have always been a staunch supporter of travelling responsibly. I am not an expert in this field but in my own personal capacity, I do my bit. I try to keep the environment clean, carry my own water bottle, use public ...Read More


Round white tables with wooden chairs, transparent glass tumblers with steaming chai, steel glasses for water, memorabilia from the 70s and 80s on the wall, signs in Hindi all over the place, chequered black and white floor and even a ...Read More


In the midst of the recent dark days of my soul, a dear friend called me. She was doing this exercise in gratitude every day where she would write and give thanks for something that she wanted but was yet ...Read More

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My first introduction to the unrepeatable David Bowie was Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. A disturbing, cathartic, strangely uplifting film about war that was made in 1983  by Nagisa Oshima. Bowie played Major Jack Celliers, a mind bending war prisoner who ...Read More


The cherry blossom-laden mind, Sways to the music, Of the, nonchalant wind, Painted in dreams, hopes, Of memories left behind, A few petals disembark, into realms wistful, A few soar, Some plummet, Others open their dewy eyes, Blush in sunshine, Gone, are the dreary winter mornings, Gone is the mist, The darkness, Once seemingly unending, So now we smile unafraid, And let ...Read More