She was no  Nirbhaya…. Not born in the age of fast news; No voices, no candles, no protests, Grieved for her! She hadn’t gone out with a friend; No jeans; no mobiles; No reason for fingers to be pointed! Being a woman, her only fault! Half the world ...Read More


Aruna Shanbaug died this week. Officially. She now merits tributes and a formal farewell though cognitive and full-bodied life, as she knew it, ended in 1973. How can anyone make sense of how the light in her was snuffed out ...Read More


At a meeting in Delhi recently, the Union Cabinet approved provisions to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2012. A key revision states that children below 14 cannot be employed anywhere, except in non-hazardous family enterprises or the ...Read More


  Sayani Gupta is the young, brave, literate face of Hindi cinema. Someone who is keenly interested in the craft of acting. The actor who starred most prominently in Tasher Desh in 2012 and recently in Margarita, With a Straw, will ...Read More


  Margarita, With a Straw continues its triumphant journey across the world, taking director Shonali Bose to assorted festival podiums and vindicating her belief in her brave, little film, again and again. In an interview, Bose recounts the loss, the pain ...Read More


The closest we came to hearing jazz in a Hindi film in the ‘70s, was when Amitabh Bachchan’s dock-worker turned underworld apprentice Vijay, smoked away his foreboding in a bar; and Parveen Babi in a red gown slithered close to ...Read More


I am not ashamed to admit that Aitraaz is one of my Bollywood guilty pleasures. I watch the film every time it’s on television-Not only do I find it highly amusing but I also find it interesting because it touches upon ...Read More

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Vasuda Giri does not think of the future as a magical place where all her dreams will one day come true. She doesn’t have to because, every morning she takes a few deep breaths and begins the life of her ...Read More


In 1982, my mother was hit by a truck on her way to the school where she taught. The driver fled and a man who was driving a jeep, thankfully stopped, picked her up and brought her to the hospital ...Read More


  While Indian television continues to swim in recycled cliches, Pakistan since the seventies, has been enriched by its emotive and powerful women story tellers. Most notably Haseena Moin who wrote great dramas and scripts for the stage, radio and television ...Read More


Body shaming is officially being shamed now. From men breaking away from the sculpted stereotypes peddled in ads to show off their  ‘dad bods’  to  model Chrissy Teigen tweeting an image of her stretch marks and inspiring hundreds of women ...Read More


Musicians Roopkumar Rathod and Sunali Rathod celebrated 25 years of togetherness last December and his voice softens as he says, “It is music that brought us together...the music that we eat and breathe. And the music that we live for ...Read More
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