I walked into my first yoga class with no background in movement training or sports of any kind. It was no surprise that I couldn’t get a thing right and frankly, I was a bit disappointed! Earlier, my level of physical activity ...Read More


Imagine this: You’re at a party with a bunch of your friends. You’re a little buzzed. Eventually the music dies down and you all end up crashing at your friend’s house. You wake up the next morning and you know ...Read More


  25 years after it was released, there may be many sequels but Aashiqui (1990) still stands for something unrepeatable, though it began as an attempt to cash on the Nadeem Shravan music bank with T-Series. The film began as a narrative ...Read More


"He was chewing on his paan, slowly and thinking. Thick jets of sticky, tobacco-mixed gob was swishing in his mouth. He felt as if his teeth were grinding his thoughts and blending them with his saliva.Maybe that was why he ...Read More


  Forty five. I just turned forty five today. That number is considered by many as exactly halfway through life.  And I did stop and reflect about how I feel, having reached that milestone. It feels no different, truth be told. Life, so far, has been ...Read More

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On my 30th birthday, my husband gifted me Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life Purpose. This book joined the select list of books that ‘changed my life’. It is not a book you can skim ...Read More

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Indian television does not usually allow a great deal of space for symbolism and subtlety but sometimes while surfing channels, you come across something that is done right, with a certain amount of empathy. Epic Channel for instance is replaying ...Read More

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Actor, author, columnist, passionate aesthete, Padma Shri Tom Alter has just arrived in the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore to deliver a lecture on 'Sports & Arts in Modern India’.  If he is tired, it doesn't show because Tom is ...Read More

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Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti reminded me of one of his earlier films, Salaam-e-Ishq which had moments of real resonance interspersed with what can be only described as visual white noise. Like that strange scene in a foreign location (London?) where ...Read More


For all its commercial heft and cinematic records, Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay did not win any awards except one for editing. Editor MS Shinde who gave an incredible finesse to the blockbuster with his taut sense of timing and understatement, was ...Read More


  “As the picture of the drowned Syrian boy went viral, the emotional outpourings on social media left me somewhat cold,” so says an article in an online magazine, trying to convey that though the death of the young child, (clad ...Read More


The idea of entitlement is not new to the Indian film industry. Nor is the hegemony fuelled by privileged stars and their coteries. So it took someone of Nawazuddin Siddqui’s talent, 15 years to land his first solo lead in ...Read More