For some reason Drishyam reminded me of RGV’s Bhoot where Ajay Devgn spent a good amount of screen time going up and down elevators. And looking scared, thoughtful or protective when he was in his house. He does a lot ...Read More

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Debutant director Neeraj Ghaywan grasped that both life and death can co-exist in the same river when during a recce around the Ganges, he saw loss interwoven with the infinitude of existence and hope. A man sitting still in a boat ...Read More

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  A katori of kheer as an ice-breaker between a sulking father and a daughter. The birthday gift of a recorder that plays back the voice of a beloved interspersed with romantic songs. A furtive phone chat on a terrace amid ...Read More


  I was in Bombay in January 1993 after the "riots" when mobs went on a rampage burning their shops and killing them where they could find them. And before the retaliatory bomb blasts by the Memon gang.  **   I remember walking around a familiar shopping ...Read More


Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai..main kisi pul sa.. thartharata hoon (You pass by like a train...I shudder, pulse like a bridge). These lines from a Dushyant Kumar poem in Neeraj Ghaywan’s debut film Masaan,  take you back to the terrace ...Read More


Over a decade ago, at Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, I spoke with a youthful conviction on why Hindi cinema must never be dismissed as just another drug to keep the masses oblivious to the real issues of governance, poverty, disenfranchisement, ...Read More


    Serena Williams knows better than anyone else that even being a world-class player cannot insulate a woman from mindless and vicious criticism about her body, her race, her irritating disregard for how female tennis players should look and conduct themselves. ...Read More


  Running carefree with naked feet, Reaching for mangoes up in the trees, Endless summer days of fun, Spent in the lap of the sun.   Hours spent in glee with friends both imaginary and real, Board games, hopscotch, badminton and dolls, Trips to the beach on moonlit nights, And ice ...Read More


You know, when after prolonged gorging on balushahi, khubani ka meetha, kalakand, gulab jamun, malapua, you turn to a plain Cornetto ice cream? You bite into it and it turns out to be anything but plain: the buttery-smooth ice cream blends with ...Read More


I was in Goa last weekend and I’m infused with susegado tinted peace. Yes, that much abused word when it comes to all things Goan. A number of people have messaged me asking for a list of recommendations for great ...Read More


A friend in Dubai and I have started a ritual. We meet at least once a year in an exotic new location and so this year, after much planning, we decided to visit Sri Lanka. And I am so glad ...Read More


The idyllic village of Tosh, located at the edge of  the Parvati valley near Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, has only a few thousand inhabitants. The village is no different from hundreds of others scattered right across the great Himalayan belt passing ...Read More