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In deep sorrow lies the doorway to bliss. It is cruel to ask but have you parted from or lost someone whom you loved deeply? In this separation one encounters a deep sorrow. A sorrow that shakes the very root of your being. ...Read More


There is a scene in Farah Khan's Happy New Year where Boman Irani takes out a fully iced cake from a bag and says to himself, "I am going to have my cake and eat it too." Two seconds later ...Read More


Entrepreneur and mother Deepa Kumar has issues with the blanket terminology that surrounds the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). "To start with, I don't quite agree with the distinction between a 'good touch' and a  'bad touch.' If  there is a touch ...Read More


Fields of swaying sugar-cane all around, interspersed with grazing herds of sheep, goats and cows, village men in all white neat dhoti-kurta and topi - these are the sights that welcomed in this part of rural Maharashtra. I was headed to Fratelli Vineyards ...Read More


She was left behind on the marbled staircase Just as she had begun to climb the first step into Solid colour. She could see pastels floating above her head Escaping as she tried to hold on to them. They floated up into the fluffy white ...Read More

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Quantum of Solace, The complete James Bond short stories by Ian Fleming As a precocious pre-teen, I used to devour each and every James Bond book I came across in my grandmother’s large library. To my delight, most of the fourteen in the ...Read More

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Mystifying silence within the prayers, the sounds of drums and bells the claps of devotees, the chants of priests the feeling of coming home on the edge of a river bank tender, cool breeze on my face feet immersed in the flow of eternity the deep stillness ...Read More


There are many ways to find a spiritual connect with life. You can find it in a concert, in a cinema hall, at a bus stop, at an animal shelter, in a book, in rain falling down on parched earth, ...Read More


There was a girl looking straight at me, slightly confused, mildly annoyed, her kohl smeared face, her frizzy and unkempt hair  reminded of the person I was scared of becoming. She didn’t look familiar. She looked distraught and unhappy but as ...Read More

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Success is so overrated in a world where mere survival is a great gift. Robin Williams' recent suicide proves once again that just success is not enough to keep us all afloat and yet we celebrate success more than the ...Read More


The play Taoos Chaman Ki Myna, was recently staged at AD Rangamandira in Bangalore and it was the culmination of an  alchemy between  Naiyer Masud, Gillo,Theatre Repertory and Atul Tiwari.  The genesis of the play is interesting. For starters, Masud, a Persian and Urdu scholar is along ...Read More


I pride myself in being an extrovert. But the last two years in Kuwait, have made me recoil a little bit. I keep to myself, I have really started enjoying hanging out by myself. I accord myself the joy of ...Read More