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I am 26 years old. In the conservative Muslim community that is so close knit that you can smell what’s cooking in your neighbors house,whispers of, “What is wrong with her, how come she isn’t married yet?” are hard to miss. ...Read More


Playwright Mahesh Dattani returns to his hometown Bengaluru with a play after almost two years though he was here in December to meet his sister. On January 30, Outgoing Free, a play written by Anupama Chandrasekhar, a Chennai-based journalist-turned-playwright and ...Read More


It has been fours years of theatre and dramatic synergies at Bangalore's Jagriti Theatre and founders Arundhati and Jagdish Raja celebrated the moment with their  rapturously noisy team by cutting a cake. It however seems like yesterday when a spanking ...Read More


If your temple or your mosque or your church was attacked by terrorists, your family was hurt by an act of hate, would you pick up a gun to avenge yourself? Or atleast carry a burden of hate against THEM ...Read More


The only part that can be appropriately labelled as ‘excruciating’ in a 3.5 week vacation home (India), is perhaps the 20+ hours spent cooped up in an air-plane or counting crows during layovers. An 8 hour flight from Detroit to ...Read More


A pea-shaped face peeked from behind a set of rusted iron doors at the Taj Mahal palace as I firmly rapped the heavy door-knocker against its metal backrest. “I wish to look around”, I said determinedly in response to the quizzical expression ...Read More

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The city of Bhopal is like a mysterious old bard. In a tattered gunny bag swung over one of his atrophied shoulders, he hides a treasure trove of rare gems plucked right out of history books. It takes effusive flattery, ...Read More


The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), housed in the stately Manikyavelu Mansion on Palace Road distils the restful stillness of another time when unstructured life was not a luxury. To every visitor who walks in, the NGMA offers a ...Read More

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In June last year, artist Milind Nayak was admitted to a hospital and till some time ago was going through dialysis.The new year he thought was a good time to leave behind the pain and start afresh. He then set about  sifting through ...Read More

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"The last breath/Exhaled/Is the last poem/Released. Then/The curtain falls..." But before the curtain fell, Kamala Das or Kamala Surayya or Madhavikutty exhausted many lives, lived free and in choice and wrote compulsively and passionately till the desire to live and write both burnt itself out. And ...Read More


Dilip Kumar was known as the Man in White, as he always wore perfectly crisp whites laundered by a trusted man who has been with his family for decades.Raj Kapoor's  passion for the colour white was legendary. The story goes ...Read More


To my dear henpecked husband, No I don’t intend to insult you, unlike our society ever ready with many tags that aim to degrade you, to question your testosterone levels and to reinforce its archaic, misogynistic beliefs on you so as ...Read More
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