Being a student of Women’s Studies can be extremely frustrating- everything you thought you believed in is deconstructed and you feel guilty every time you sing along to Honey Singh (yes, I know the words of Chaar Botal Vodka). You feel ...Read More

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I have always been proud of the fact that my family embraced different cultures and religions with equal love and joy. My father is a Hindu Rajput from Gharwal, Uttrakhand and my mother a Muslim from Srinagar, Kashmir. They fell ...Read More


Back in Delhi, when I was a little girl, there used to be a tikki, chaat and golgappa  vendor who would pass by our street every evening. The distinct sounds of ‘tun-tun’ that the steel ladle made as it hit ...Read More


  Matar aur Kulcha, a spicy and tangy street food of Delhi evokes a lot of strong  memories. We used to wait for the local Matar Kulcha vendor’s cycle cart and his distinct bell. The matar gravy would cook slowly in ...Read More


Delhi is where I was born and raised and it still tugs at my heart with all the memories of my mother’s redolent, welcoming kitchen. My mother’s cooking was simple and honest and yet on  certain occasions, she prepared rare delicacies  ...Read More

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Delhi is the receptacle of bold flavours and a myriad cuisines but it is the local food that is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Dilli ka khaana is a special memory for all those who have grown up ...Read More


  I haven't seen Pakistani director Mehreen Jabbar's acclaimed film Ramchand Pakistani but her television work has been an utter revelation. It is the kind of story telling that flows like life, lingers on window sills like sunlight, feels like the ...Read More


While watching Imtiaz Ali's latest film Tamasha, Eckhart Tolle's bestseller, A New Earth came back to me. He writes how accumulated memories of angst, humiliation, denial, emotional suppression and anger form an invisible pain body within our body. In most ...Read More


Of course, I have a favourite spot, In that little bistro It's right by the window, In a corner, Precisely one ray of sunshine, And if I sit With my back to the crowd, I can pretend I am Alone. One cup of coffee, Filtered, Two sugars, demerara, Milk, a touch of cream. Hot. Very ...Read More


A minute before I was about to write this blog, I wrestled with an array of thoughts. Should I write about this? Should the world know? Is it necessary? Then I gave room to this thought: It might help somebody. ...Read More


Times were dark. As I swallowed the last set of my antidepressants one night, I texted my friend, “I don’t think I can refill my meds for the next two days. I am going to be super anxious.” She worked out all ...Read More


I caught myself the other day counting the number of likes on my Facebook page and it looked like I just needed five more likes to hit 100. It was a big thing and I wanted to make a big ...Read More