Monica : Careful. Careful. CAREFUL! Chandler : I’ll tell you what, for the rest of our lives, I’ll be careful until told otherwise. Having just moved into a hostel, I’ve been trying to reconcile what is supposed to be a new found freedom with a ...Read More


I overheard a conversation at a parlour here a couple of weeks ago that has been on my mind ever since. A woman was getting her hair cut, and the hairdresser suggested that she highlight her hair blonde-to which the ...Read More


  Almost a month has passed since I moved back to Chennai. It hardly feels like the city I grew up in. Madras, as I knew it, was a laid back metro, unimpressed by the hustle and bustle and night life ...Read More


Food shows in India often turn into vanity projects with celebrity chefs faffing around, putting up uninspired stuff and garnishing it unfailingly with a mint leaf. The requisite research, the detailing of atmosphere, an interesting context, good production values and ...Read More


  I recently gave away a decade -old collection of interior design magazines. Packed in them were my dreams of owning a space I can call my own. A home made with sun-baked bricks, lime-washed walls embedded with coloured glass to ...Read More


  A few important things were noted by the social media in the past few days. The Daily Show’s host Jon Stewart spoke his mind about America’s response to the mass shooting in a South Carolina church. The birth anniversary of ...Read More


When an institution produces artistes  who are going to possibly shape the way we perceive the world, it must have inspirational administrators and teachers. The enormity of the influence  an enlightened guide can have on a student can be seen ...Read More


"May I be protector for those without one, A guide for all travellers on the way;"  ~ Shantideva, in A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life. The gorgeous Goan monsoon is washing my windows squeaky clean, and as I'm lying around in ...Read More


If you thought it was hard not being the best, or rather being the second best, wait until you discover what it feels like to not even be in the top three. To cut the long story short – losing sucks! ...Read More


  No this is not yet another ode to Maggi noodles, so you can stop groaning. Maggi was on my black list for a while now after I heard about the wax coating on the noodles and that it is difficult to ...Read More


You and me dancing together Our steps .. in rhythm with each other Our hands understand Our minds sing together We walk, we skip, we jump, we fly, we soar You thrust.. I parry I move ..you respond We are locked in time And lost too The mind stops tracking ...Read More


At about 7.50 am on Wednesday, architect Bijoy Ramachandran of Hundred hands messaged his acquaintances: “Sad news. Correa passed away at 11.45 pm, Tuesday night.” For those who had heard 84-year-old architect, planner, activist and theoretician Charles Correa at the JN ...Read More

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